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Top 4 Power Rack exercises you should try without a delay!

by Agreed Techologies |

Apart from barbells, plates, and dumbbells, a power rack is a significant addition to your home gym. It is also known as a power cage, and it lets you exercise with safety while you perform heavy free-weight exercises. 

We will be discussing the top 4 Power Rack exercises that you must inculcate into your fitness regime. But, before reading further, you can check out the collection at Apollo Fitness; it’ll make understanding these exercises easier.

Let’s look at the Top 4 Power Rack Exercises recommended by our experts at Apollo Fitness:

  • Barbell squats

  • It is almost impossible to do barbell squats without a power rack.  Because how would you load a barbell and keep it behind your neck without something to hold it for you? 

    You can’t even do heavy squats without a power rack. Even if you do without it, it will be highly unsafe, and you might end up injuring yourself. Always ensure that you set up the safety pins at the right height. 

    Start by doing squats with just a barbell and observe where it stops at the bottom position. Put the pins slightly lower after that. This is done to catch the barbell right after you give up on the last rep. It will not only prevent the injuries but the damage of property too.


  • Rack pulls with a power rack 

  • You will need a rack to do the rack pulls, as is evident from the name. You can set up the safety pins just below, above, or at the knee level, and you can pull the bar off the pins. That is how you can do rack pulls successfully. 

    This might seem to be a crippled deadlift, but it is actually a great exercise. It totally takes away the leg push part from the deadlift, and all you have is 100% back. The rack pulls with power racks also let you lift heavy, and you can build muscles with this exercise.

  • Bench press 

  • The bench press could be a dangerous exercise without a spotter. Having a loaded barbell lofty over your head and chest is not the smartest thing to do while trying your personal best without any assistance. A rack alters this, as it is there to catch the bar if you don’t succeed at your rep.


    Roll an adjustable bench and place the safety pins right above your chest level. The idea is for them to catch the bar if you fail, right above your chest so that you can grip out without any broken ribs. 

    You can use the power rack to perform a “dead” bench press apart from the regular and incline bench press. This is a rack pull version of the bench press.  All you have to do is set up pins just above your chest and keep the bar on it. Next, you lift the bar off the pins and put it back on, essentially lifting “dead weight” without any spring or momentum with every rep.

  • Inverted row 

  • The inverted row is the best bodyweight exercise that you can do for your upper back. However, it is tough to perform without a power rack. So the idea is to fix a barbell on the J-hooks or safety catches. 

    It should be high enough for you to go under it, hold the bar with your hands completely extended, drifting just above the floor. You can then pull yourself to the bar and try to touch it with your chest. 

    You will realize that this is much harder than it seems to be. And you can make the inverted rows tougher by keeping your legs on a bench. Once that becomes easier, you can hold a plate over your stomach or chest. 

    Buy a Power Rack from Apollo Fitness and fulfill your body-building potential 

    Trying these exercises with the help of a power rack will surely upgrade your fitness routine. If you wish to know more about the exercises, feel free to connect with the experts at Apollo Fitness.