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Are Bumper Plates a Good Choice for a Home Gym?

by Agreed Techologies |

Is it time to pick out some Olympic Plates for your home or garage gym? Are you unsure about which type of plates to buy? Well, you can consider Bumper Plates! 

These plates are the best there is whereas weight training is concerned. Read on to know more about these plates and get them from your very own Apollo Fitness.

What are Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates are Olympic-sized plates that are made of thick, dense rubber. They’re designed to allow athletes to safely drop a loaded Olympic bar from an overhead position, i.e., the snatch and the clean and jerk, without the risk of damaging the bar, the lifting platform, or the plates themselves.

Bumper plates are a standard diameter across all weights and are used in lifts (Olympic and CrossFit usually) where the loaded barbell is dropped to the floor. The rubber construction of these plates protects the weights, the barbell, and the floor from damage.

Types of Bumper Plates

Demand for bumper plates has been increasing over the years, and this may be due to the growing popularity of CrossFit training and Olympic lifting. A bumper plate is a solid rubber weight disc that you can safely use for performing Olympic lifts. 

Additionally, you can drop them from a height during exercises like snatches and presses. The purpose of these plates is to create a safe environment and allow specific exercises to be performed without the risk of damages to the floor, equipment, or the athlete.

Strength, conditioning coaches and commercial gyms have long been using Olympic lifts in strength training. Weightlifting as a sport also relies upon this core set of movements that require the use of bumper plates.

Technique Bumper Weight Plates

The first kind of bumper plate is the technique plate. These are very basic plates made from a simple piece of rubber, without a metal ring around the hole. 

Technique Bumper Plates only come in light weights and are perfect for introducing beginners to Olympic lifts. They also help athletes to improve their technique. Gyms across the UK and Ireland tend to have a small set of technique plates, and they usually are only produced in 2.5kg & 5kg weights; otherwise, you can use the training or competition plates.

Training Bumper Weight Plates

Training bumper plates can vary in-depth but has a similar diameter for the most part. Top manufacturers like Apollo Fitness produce training plates that have the exact dimensions of competition weightlifting plates.

Some training bumper plates might not be the exact depth of IWF competition plates. However, for the most part, they’ll stand up to the Olympic lifting requirements of a specialist facility, commercial gym, or even home gyms.

Competition Bumper Plates

Calibration is the all-important factor that separates Olympic competition plates from training plates and all other kinds of free weights. Also, according to the Official IWF Competition rules, these plates need to be accurate to +0.1% and -0.05%.

It means that the production of a 25kg plate only has a 25-gram margin for error. As a consequence, Competition Bumper Plates are incredibly accurate and consistent. It also means that the weight you’re lifting is what you think it is.

Get a Set of Bumper Plates from Apollo Fitness Now

A good set of bumper plates from Apollo Fitness will last for years. Bumper Weight Plates will end up being a heavily used and highly valued part of your home lifting sessions. You’ll be proud to have them, and they are a giant step on the way to building the perfect home gym!

Now that you know all about Bumper Plates, you must be eager to buy them for your home gym. Well, you’re already here; Apollo Fitness has a wide variety of top-of-the-line Bumper Plates. Select the one that suits you best and get them now!

Happy Training!