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Level-Up Your Home Gym with These Racks from Apollo Fitness

by Agreed Techologies |

In these challenging times and lockdown periods, the home gym might be the ideal location to get strong. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, in these tough times, if you want to keep your front squat, back squat, and overhead squat numbers creeping upwards, the easiest solution is to invest in a quarter rack or an at-home squat rack from Apollo Fitness.

Like thousands of people in the UK and Ireland, if the coronavirus pandemic has led to you cancel your gym membership and stick with home workouts, you’ve probably wondered how you can get a decent leg workout or squat session in with a minimal kit. 

If you can manage the costs and have space, build your perfect home gym, starting with one of the best investments any serious weightlifter should make: A Power Rack. This crucial piece of home gym equipment is available at Apollo Fitness at various price points and includes a range of features, from just-the-basics to all the bells & whistles. 

Have a look at these best-in-class racks from Apollo Fitness, decide which features matter the most to you and get to shopping.

To start your search, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best home power racks on the market available at Apollo Fitness; let’s start:

  • Foldable rack

    foldable Rack - Home gym equipment

    The Foldable Rack is the perfect space-saving solution for home gyms and commercial facilities alike. These racks fold neatly and quickly along the bracket, allowing you to make optimal use of your workspace. The uprights can also be customised to match the colour scheme of your home or garage gym.

  • Quarter Rack

    Quarter Rack - Home Gym Equipments

    Being heavy-duty, it is perfect for both home gyms set-ups and commercial facilities alike. This quarter rack allows users to carry out a wide variety of exercises. The Quarter Rack has all the features of an Apollo Squat Stand but with a pull-up bar!


  • Sandbag Storage Rack

    sandbag storage rack - Home gym equipments

    The Sandbag Storage Rack holds up to 5 sandbags in a neat and visually appealing way. This rack efficiently cleans up the gym floor, keeps equipment safe, and keeps it organised. The Sandbag Storage Rack is a commercial quality product that’s strong and durable.


  • Slam Ball Rack
  • With this Apollo Slam Ball Rack, you can categorise your slam balls and keep your facility neat and clutter-free. This rack is an excellent addition to any facility and provides a great means.


  • Elite Modular Power Rack
  • The Apollo Elite Modular Power Rack is a state-of-the-art commercial power rack. It’s pretty perfect for all kinds of strength exercises & compound movements. This rack comes with a powder-coated finish that prevents scratching and chipping. Spotter arms, bench bars, and plates sold separately, and lead times vary depending on colour request.  Custom nameplates can also be added to this set-up if required at an extra cost.


    Apollo Fitness has all the racks you’ll ever need

    If you want to keep your back squat and overhead squat numbers up-to-date, the easiest solution is to invest in an at-home squat rack from Apollo Fitness. Don’t let this pandemic hold you down; get home gym equipment from Apollo Fitness and up your fitness game now.