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Know how you can benefit from the EZ curl bar!

by Agreed Techologies |

When you go to a gym, you will see yourself surrounded by several machines. The EZ curl bar happens to be one of them, and it is also an important one. Therefore, we will be discussing how beneficial it is.

Some essential benefits of EZ Curl bars

Angled Grip 

We all have a different build, so there will be few things that won’t suit everyone. People find a straight barbell more comfortable to hold. However, it could be quite an arduous task for some people. The angled grip of an EZ curl bar lowers the pressure that some people feel on their elbows, wrists, or shoulders. It helps to continue the training without any discomfort.

Compatible EZ Curl Bars

EZ Curl bars are convenient as compared to a 7ft barbell. They are lighter, smaller, and great for working the upper body. They’re also perfect for anyone training at home who is short on space. In addition, an EZ curl bar won’t take up too much space, so you don’t need an entire gym space to work out. 

Specific workout areas 

The angled bar helps to give an overall bicep and triceps workout. Rather than just working the central part of every muscle, it lets you work particular parts of the triceps and biceps. As a result, it is well-rounded and perfect if you wish to maximize the gains.


The EZ curl bar can be used by anybody, really. They are ideal for anyone new to lifting, particularly because they are not too heavy. However, if you are experienced and work out regularly, the EZ curl bar will give you the variety required to build progress and strength.

Ways to hold the EZ Curl bar for bicep curls

There are many ways in which you can hold an EZ Curl bar and different grips that help you target particular areas. We will be sharing quite a few with you:

  • Standard underhand grip 

  • You would want to keep a standard width grip on the ES curl bar when you start. You will have to hold it so that your palms are facing inwards on the knurled section of the bar along with your elbows tucked in. This is for doing bicep curls and targets the long head of the bicep.

  • Standard overhand grip

  • This position resembles the standard underhand grip, but instead of keeping your hands under the bar, you keep them over the bar. It sets you up for doing reverse bicep curls. These exercises need a firmer grip, so if you have not done them before, you will need to adjust the weight load accordingly. This variation on the bicep curl focuses on the inside of your bicep and your forearms and wrists. 

  • Narrow underhand grip

  • You should bring your hands slightly in so that you are at the very edge of the knurling but not so close that they touch. This is another bicep curl variation that targets the outside of the biceps.

  • Wide underhand grip 

  • The wide underhand grip is a little difficult to perform because of the angle you need to have your wrists at - however, it works the inside of the biceps and challenges the wrists and forearms.

    EZ Curl Bar | Best exercises

    They are not just for working your biceps, and you can use them to target your triceps and shoulders as well. Some of the exercises are:

    • Triceps extensions
    • Shoulder raises
    • Skull crushers
    • Bent over row

    Buy an EZ Curl Bar from Apollo Fitness and enjoy its benefits

    No matter what, an EZ Curl Bar is a perfect way to have an overall workout. If you haven’t already, you should include it in your workout. Browse through our best-in-class collection of EZ Curl Bars at Apollo Fitness, and stay fit.