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Commercial Selectorised Strength Equipment

by Agreed Techologies |

Commercial Selectorised Strength Equipment has one or more rectangular weight plates attached to a frame and utilizes a pulley system. It is secured by two rods that run against each weight. You have an option to choose how much weight you wish to lift by putting a key inside the desired weight stack. You will be able to raise all the weights above the inserted key. 

Adjusting weights on commercial selectorised strength equipment is extremely simple and only takes a matter of seconds. It is simple to find out your maximum strength on the fly. Most Commercial Selectorised Strength Equipment designs help you adjust the weights without even getting up and interrupting your workout. 

At Apollo Fitness, we have a notion that strength comes from within. Our commercial selectorised strength equipment:

  • is driven by a sincere desire to help users at every level get strong and stay fit
  • is the combination of superior technology based on scientific evidence plus our passion for helping you to keep fit

We guarantee that no other company will offer you a more deeply engineered, technologically advanced, and sharply manufactured collection of commercial selectorised strength equipment than Apollo Fitness.

Top Reasons to Buy Selectorized Fitness Equipment:

  • Different Series Available: Commercial Selectorised Strength Equipment is available with various customizations to offer a great experience to the users.
  • Ensure Effective Strength Training: Commercial Selectorised Strength Equipment are best for weight training and ensures effective results in less time possible.
  • Fit Your Space Ideally: Commercial Selectorised Strength Equipment is available in various sizes and can best fit in any corner of your gym space.

Types of Commercial Selectorised Strength Equipment

  • Insignia series
  • Insignia Series delivers an experience beyond strength training. Insignia series are machines with independent, natural, and converging/diverging movements in luxury. Its striking visual appeal and inviting design elements create more than a gym.

  • Circuit series
  • Circuit Series is a sit-down and-go product. They don’t offer any adjustments for the user, and the push-button resistance is easy. Circuit Series is excellent for strength training and great for circuit training workouts. Circuit Series is perfect for:

    • new exercisers
    • the active aging community
    • users who are looking for fast and simple transitions.

  • Axiom series
  • Axiom Series is a combination of a modern, inviting design with a simple function. Tiny footprints, low tower heights, and single & dual function machines provide a space-efficient strength circuit welcoming to all users in smaller spaces.

    1. Motion technology selectorized (MTS)

    With the convenience of selectorised weight stacks, MTS embodies the feel of Hammer Strength Plate Loaded machines. You cannot find the unique iso-lateral experience on other commercial selectorised strength equipment these weight stacks create.

    Buy the Best Quality Commercial Selectorised Strength Equipment at Apollo Fitness

    If you want to buy the best quality commercial selectorised strength equipment, contact Apollo Fitness now. We are one of the paramount commercials selectorised strength equipment suppliers in Ireland. You can speak with our experts to discuss your demands, and our experts would be happy to assist.