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Amazing Exercises You Can Do with Weight Plates

by Agreed Techologies |

Don’t have expensive and bulky training equipment? No problem! Jumpstart a healthy & fit lifestyle with nothing but a set of handy weight plates.

When it comes to weight plates, most people think of only one exercise, i.e., lifting. Generally, weight plates are used in combination with barbells, and they are often underestimated, and dare we say it, underexplored. However, the simplicity of the weight plates makes it a flexible piece of equipment. You can use it to boost strength, endurance, improve your balance, and many more.

Here are five amazing exercises through which you can integrate weight plates into your routine:

  • Weight Plate Floor Press
  • Lie on your back with your legs straight, grip the plate by its sides and hold it just above the chest to start. Press the plate toward the ceiling and return to start for one rep. If you want to do additional core work, activate abs by lifting legs about an inch off the ground.

  • Weight Plate Squat 
  • Stand on your feet hip-width apart, then hold the plate at the inside grip at the chest with elbows bent. Stand still, press the weight straight forward, then bring it back to the chest. Continue squatting and pressing for 1 minute to get your triceps, chest, abs, butt, and thighs in tone.

  • Weight Plate Crunch
  • Get down on the floor in the regular crunch position, and then hold the plate over your head. Extend your arms up and over your head while doing crunches. Control the negative on the way back down as soon as you get to the top of the movement, making sure your lower back hits the ground first. Also, before you do your second crunch, make sure your shoulder blades hit the ground as well.

  • Weight Plate Bent-over row
  • Weight Plate Bent-over row helps build balance for people who don’t make enough pulling moves. To make this exercise work, let your arms hang down and bend at the hips. Row the weight up to your chest. It squeezes your shoulder blades together for one second at the top of the move.

  • Weight Plate sit-ups
  • This is another exercise that can vary in plate placement. Hug the weight plate at your chest, or for an extra challenge, hold it overhead. You can place your foot in various positions according to your comfort, like putting out legs straight in front of you or some other variation.

    The main focus of weight plate sit-ups exercise is obviously to get those abs on fire regardless of where you hold your plate. So, continue to sit back with your plate and use your abs to get back to the upright position. In no time, you will start to feel the burn.

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