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Top 5 Trends Gym Design & Equipment

by Chloe Dennison |

Below we will detail the top 5 trends for gym in Ireland over the coming 12 months and beyond. We have based this list on interest and trends out own marketing and data teams have provided us over the last few months of trading. 

Lets get started:

Heart Rate Group Training

Big not the list in 2020. Offer your clients a better way of tracking workout intensity, frequency and add a little competition in your facility. 

On the back of the success of Bike, Ski, Row in Dublin (Shoutout to Stephen), heart rate training has burst on the scene in Ireland. Stephen runs a great set up with his trademarked idea Bike Ski Row. Check them out on social medias and make sure and give it a try.

Heart rate training gives your clients a better understanding of what their training is doing for them. See exactly how many calories they burn per workout, what zones they are training (cardio, fat loss, aerobic, anaerobic). 

Heart rate is displayed throughout the facility using screens or projectors. Each zone is colour coded. Giving the users real time feedback. 

Heart rate training is sure to grow and grow in Ireland over the next 12 months. 

For pricing and user experience we recommend Uptivo as the best heart rate training system on the market at the moment. 

Uptivo Heart Rate Training Fym Equipment Ireland

Uptivo Belt Heart Rate Training

Smart Rig/Rack Attachments

The best gym suppliers are working on functional equipment. There are more and more gyms in the country. Competition is increasing. Gym owners need to get the most revenue out of the space they have available. Storage solutions and even more so clever attachments that do multiple exercises is a must for small to medium sized personal training studios and medium size commercial gyms. 

See below an example of rig attachments. These attachments work on the Apollo modular rigs and racks. 

There is a hip trust attachment, shrimp trawler attachment, dip station, storage solutions, step up attachment, landmine attachments and much more. 

Make clever use of your space. The less space your equipment takes up, the more room to fit in more clients.

See below our boxing bag rig attachment and hip trust attachment.

Rig attachment gym equipment fitness ireland

Hip Trust Rig attachement

Rig attachement boxing fitness gym equipment

Boxing bag Rig attachment

Boxcercise Gyms/Classes

Boxercise is on trend in 2020. Commercial boxing gyms such as Kobox are big business in the UK. Ran by an Irish entrepreneur, you should check them out. Great gyms with great business models built around boxing.

These gyms are purely boxing gyms aimed at the day to day gym goer. Very intuitive classes, boxing by numbers.

Gyms in Ireland are increasingly adding Boxcercise and boxing equipment a subsection of their facilities. Doesn’t take up much space.

Equipment is relatively inexpensive. Another Gym Design trend of 2020. 

Boxing equipment Fitness Gym Classes

Glute Training Equipment

Lets be honest, well developed Glutes play a prominent role in fitness Instragram profiles up and down he country. Good Glute machines and lighting in commercial gyms nowadays attract a distinct target market. Glute drive machines and good lighting can take literally take clients from one gym to another. There aren’t many Glute drive machines in the country at the moment, they are a highly requested piece of kit at Apollo HQ and defienetly on trend for 2020. Apollo provide a great quality glute drive machine see below.

Glute drive machine gym equipment

Boutique Style Gyms

One of the biggest trends over the next few years coming into Ireland are high end boutique style gyms. These gyms usually run 45 minute classes. Great for the target market before or after work on tight schedules looking to get in and out. Each station is sectioned off in the gym usually with a HIIT bench, a range of equipment and each participant stays in there sectioned area. 

The interior of the gym is designed to look very high value. Usually clear precise branding, dark rooms with LED lights. Barrys Bootcamp in the UK is a fantastic example of a boutique style gym. 

There are more and more of these popping up in Ireland over the coming year or two. 

Take a look below at the HIIT benches used in these types of facilities. Great space saving solutions and great value for money.

Let us know if you are thinking of trying any of these out in the coming year. Get ahead of the game.