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Revenue, Retention, Reputation: Improving your Service with InBody

by Chloe Dennison |

InBody is a biomedical device which provides an extensive display of accurate information relevant to body composition. Test results are generated by sending electrical currents throughout the body and providing data on body fat mass including visceral fat levels, body water levels, skeletal muscle mass and lean body mass in each segment of the body (torso and limbs). As well as educating your client, InBody composition parameters can be used by trainers to maximise results in training and nutritional programmes. Results are fast, accurate and precise ultimately, creating a more efficient service for you and your clients. 


Maximising Your ROI & Profits with InBody

Investing in an InBody device may be a huge commitment for your business and many gyms will question are they really worth the money? Adding a body composition analyser such as InBody to your service, has the potential to maximise ROI and create an additional income source through new and existing customers. As clients want to track their progress and hard work in the gym, they are more inclined to avail of body composition testing facilities on a regular basis which results in a continuous revenue stream.


Implementing newer technology such as an InBody device will distinguish your brand in the community and create competitive advantage, ultimately leading to a larger market. As the fitness industry occupies a noisy area in the marketplace it can be difficult to promote and advertise your service. However, InBody composition tests add depth to marketing programmes and makes them appear more attractive.


InBody composition tests can be offered on an individual basis or can be integrated into membership programmes, which adds value to your service and increases  profits. Each InBody device offers a large cloud software system with space for up to 100,000 unique ID’s, meaning your gym will not be limited in providing body composition tests.  Trainers and gym owners can also look at offering bundle deals to members which include four InBody tests a year. If an individual wants to avail of more frequent tests,they can pay an additional fee. InBody offers you the chance to maximise ROI whilst providing clients with beneficial and accurate information.


Using InBody as a Retention Tool & Relationship Builder


In such a crowded environment, customer retention is more difficult than ever. InBody composition results encourage clients to return for re-tests, follow ups,consultations and accompanying training programmes. InBody improves coaching quality as the data allows trainers to develop more personalised and in depth programmes, which improves customer satisfaction and eventually increases retention rates over time.


Where it be fat reduction or muscle development, InBody tests can set clients and trainers on a more direct path in working towards their primary goals. InBody retains customers by accurately showing them where they are improving on a monthly or quarterly basis. Overall, the device acts as a motivational tool in the gym and encourages individuals to act on areas they want to improve.


 As InBody provides accurate information that a regular scales cannot, it acts as a relationship builder between clients and trainers, which in turn creates trust,motivation and increases retention rates. Relationship development is significantly important when working towards specific fitness goals, and it will improve the client’s overall perception and likeability towards your gym.Test results will allow you to provide the best solution for your client’s problem and this will demonstrate a great level of care towards their success ultimately, improving relationships and overall retention rates.


Creating a Favourable Reputation


As InBody test results provide an extensive list of body composition parameters,the level of expertise amongst trainers will grow ultimately, creating a more reputable and distinguished business in the community. A more favourable reputation has the potential to increase footfall in your gym and contribute to your business’ revenue stream. Renovating your gym with improved services and facilities such as InBody will help in reaching both business and client orientated goals.

 Here at Apollo Fitness we stock a range of InBody devices and can assist you in choosing what model is best for your business.

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