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Best treadmills in 2021 to get you road fit at home

by Agreed Techologies |

A treadmill has always been a popular choice as at-home workout equipment, but demand for a home treadmill boomed in 2021. Most treadmills for the home gym now have smart features, such as full integration with streaming services, preset workouts, access to live workout programs, and live incline & decline. 

As every treadmill user has different goals and needs, Apollo Fitness takes care of each individual who wants to burn calories. We consider factors like incline & decline, speed, design, price, and size while ensuring that you'll still get a good quality machine that will make you happy no matter which home treadmill running machine you choose. Even the cheapest treadmill on our list is a quality treadmill

Read on to find the Apollo Fitness best treadmill for yourself. If you want to add a new piece of fitness equipment to your home gym for a great cardio workout that helps you meet your fitness goals.

  • Curve Treadmill
  • The black color Aluminum Curve Treadmill requires skill to run on it that means the further up the curve, the faster you will go. If you're used to running at the front of a motorized treadmill, you'll need to be mindful that you'll quickly reach full speed.

  • SHUA-T8700 Treadmill
  • The design of the SHUA SH-T8700 treadmill is perfect for runners. This is a desirable workout machine because of its outstanding performance, stability, low impact deck, and incline function. You can do all high-intensity workouts with this powerful yet quiet motor treadmill. It has an attractive visual appeal and a large LED screen.

  • Shua-T5100A Treadmill
  • The Shua T5100A treadmill is perfect for individuals of all skill levels. It features an antiskid layer and shock absorption cushion with a five-layer high-density fiberboard (HDF) running deck. It also provides less wear and tear to joints and reduces noise while running. This spacious & ergonomic treadmill also has a 15.6 touch operation LED display (white)  to clear all exercises. Its Hi-Fi double-channel speaker helps in keeping you entertained during your cardio session. It can reach up to 16km/h with an incline of 12% and is operated by a DC2.5 silent motor.

  • SHUA-T5412 Treadmill
  • The SHUA T5-5412 is a robust treadmill perfect for home gym. Its stylish 5" LCD features a pulse, time, calorie, distance, incline, speed tracking, and the ergonomic handlebars monitor pulse rate. This treadmill is foldable and hence a perfect addition to your home. It's 1.6mm running belt provides a soft surface for heavy-duty walking and running. That means it has less wear and tears on joints. 

    Apollo Fitness treadmills are the best to get you road fit at home in 2021. We have various treadmill options for you to burn some extra calories. In many ways, our treadmill can be better than the actual outdoor walk. You can go with a manual or a motorized treadmill, depending on your fitness level. So, contact us to buy a brand new treadmill for your home gym today!